May 19, 2014

Energy Rush Walkthrough


Energy Rush is a new type of event and if you are familiar with gifting and the ZMC you should already be a pro. All you need to do is accept 500 Mystery Energy Gifts in 10 days. There is a cap of 50 per day so if you miss a day you won’t be able to master it. Zynga should increase the timer by a day or two to allow players the luxury of skipping a day. For those working on Mexico the Mystery Energy Gifts will come in handy but will only add up to half of a energy refill per day. Depending on your ratio needed to level, each gift has the potential to bump you into the next level. To stay in Park Mode collect all 50 at the same time. The bad news (if you don’t need the energy) is these items will apply to the 250 free gifts per day. This event also accounts for our mystery ‘Special Event’ item, the Pyro Dream [1]. At this time there isn't a official FAQ. A walkthrough with more details is shown below.

The Mystery Energy Gift can be found in the first spot on the Free Gift Page. There are two options here, you can send them or you can ask for them. If you send them to your mafia, the odds are better that you will get one in return.
To send, click the ‘Proceed to Send’ button and 50 players will appear with checkmarks. If you want to select the players you send them too, remove the checkmarks and add them to the player(s) of your choice. As per the gifting rules, you can only send 1 player 1 request per day so if you redo this step, you will get 50 new players on your list.
To ask for Energy Mystery Gifts, click the ‘Ask for Gift’ button and do the same as above.
The easier way to do this is to use the Gift Blaster by Team Spockholm.
er9Due to the different layout for sending this item, the Mystery Energy Pack listed in the Gift Blaster doesn't work. Select the Mystery Energy Gift-Spock and it will work.
If you run out of energy while doing jobs, you will also find the option to ask for these gifts. This could explain the update to this window we saw a few days ago [1].
Find Mystery Energy Gifts in your ZMC.
If players asked for one or are returning one of yours, it will say ‘Send Energy Gifts’ and if they sent you one it will say ‘Accept and Thank’ and you will get one if they return gifts by pressing the ‘Accept and Thank’ button.
There are a few rules to accepting Mystery Energy Gifts. If your energy is at full capacity then it won’t let you accept.
Once your energy is depleted or has enough capacity to accept a gift or two, the energy amount will be random but in a range of about 1% of your total pool. The higher your total energy pool, the more energy you will get per gift. 50 per day will add up to about half of an energy refill.

Once you have accepted 50 gifts, it won’t let you accept more until the next day (12AM PDT).
The Gift Collector, also by Team Spockholm, will make accepting gifts just as easy as sending them. Accept them all at once or accept the total number needed to get to the next level. The Gift Collector will keep a tally of how much energy you received.
I’m not sure why, but Zynga recommends that you make your requests visible. Since gift requests are only acceptable from the ZMC, it shouldn’t matter who can see them on Facebook. Although all requests go to your App Center, they are duds and can not be accepted here.
If you want to take their advice, go to the App Setting page and edit Mafia Wars to make your requests, which nobody will look at anyway visible. If you haven’t done this then it’s a good idea to do it for other types of begging events but makes no difference for this one. 
There is a progress tracker on the home page. Once you reach a milestone of 50, 150, 300 and 500, you will get a mastery loot item. Because of the limits we won’t know for a few days if you get to keep all 4 items or only the one with the highest mastery. If we had to guess it would be only one because this is Zynga we are dealing with but every now and then they surprise us. It’s kind of crappy to have the event last for only 10 days with a limit of 50 per day. This means you can’t even miss one gift on any of the 10 days or you won’t master the event. er22
UPDATE: You only get to keep the item with the highest level of mastery earned in this event.
Thanks to everyone who posted details on our fan page and to Jo Gilliam for some of the screen shots used in this post.


  1. this event is total crap!
    why u cant select who u wanna send a gift?!? it shows me 20/50 People who never ever have played a stupid Zynga Game! and when u select the 30 left, in the next list are the same 20 ones from the list before

    1. I agree. If you don't have a massive mafia you have no hope of getting anywhere in this event. Most of my mafia have quit.

  2. well thats why the team have show u how to send to all your mafia members using gift blaster spock and to avoid your mafia to quit on u you sould take care of them not just think on how they can help u just a friendly advice

  3. I just hit 300 (Gold)... with 3.25 days left, I guess I can't hit 500, so Z can shove this where the sun doesn't shit (their brains)!


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