May 30, 2014

Last Resort


If you didn’t think Zynga had a sense of humor, look no further than the name of the 41st Limited Time Property. The Last Resort leaves itself open to all kinds of suppositions. The optimist would like to believe that this is the last Limited Time Property while the pessimist will decide that this means a shutdown message is coming soon. Whatever your beliefs, it’s business as usual for now. Anyone who doesn’t ignore this feature should know what to do so there won’t be a detailed walkthrough. Unless Zynga changes something, you need 471 parts to get to Level 15. The milestone rewards for upgrading along the way include 15 partial energy refills and 48 extra parts. The ability to post multiple upgrade posts is still nerfed and like the last 3 the requests will dry up [1]. If you need more details on the upgrading process and the Spocklets available go here. The timer is 16 days and VIP subscribers (gold and above) get 5 extra days. The basics for this property are shown below.

The best item comes with +6 energy which is good for levelers but bad for fighters.
If you can upgrade to Level 15 in the time allotted, you will earn a Pool Poker.


  1. My thoughts immediately went to the Eagles song "The Last Resort" off the Hotel California Album.

  2. it also gives out stamina I just got some on a upgrade I did

  3. I really hope it's the last or the last of the game eitherway we get our lives back LOL

  4. I'm NOT dealing with this BS so soon again, not for Energy! I wish people would actually help themselves by NOT doing this event! I'm not going to waste my time talking about WHY, because smart people should know better. ...enjoy your Summer outside, not on the computer! <<< a hint ;)

  5. stam bonus and mexico parts :)


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