May 30, 2014

Family Ice Event Challenge


If you need evidence that Zynga fully supports (and rewards) those who use scripts, look no further than the top of your game. We are told via an in game notification that families who earn 200,000 ices as a family before May 31st at 23:59 PDT will get an exclusive loot item. What they don’t tell you is the start point. Do they mean from the start of the Family Ice Event or from the time the notification was posted? They also don’t give families much time. Today is May 30th so there are less than 2 days to make this happen. If this is tied to the Family Ice Event then it should have been announced on day 1 and it should end on day 7.  Many families stop trying when they reach 25,000 ices so a 2 day ‘Challenge” on day 3 of a 7 day event seems a little strange. If the game weren't dying then maybe more than a handful of families would have 101 members and smaller families wouldn't be faced with impossible challenges such as this one. We don’t know when it begins but we can supply a timer for when it ends.

Family Ice Event Challenge: Earn a total of 200,000 Ices as a Family before May 31st 23:59 hrs PDT(GMT-7) and get an Exclusive Loot (328A,232D) on June 4th.



  1. Had to check the date, thought it was April 1st..

  2. I can't imagine that many families can actually get 200 000 ices even if it was through the whole event time. This is ridiculous on Zynga's part. Why do they continue to reward only the families who all run scripts 24/7/? Yeah lets give them some more incentive to go against TOS! The rest of the normal players will just go away in disgust.

  3. Wow, I read the end date as June 4th! May 31st is just plain silly.

  4. Sounds like a way to find out what families are active. I don't read it as every family is being asked to get an additional 200k but to attain 200k total, which I'd assume most families have already long since done already. ~Lonnie

  5. Do arena ices count? Maybe I'm just missing it... but I don't see where it says, either way.

  6. arena ices do count that's how I get mine. But there is no way my family will hit 200k we only got a little over 25k last time and it was manly me getting the most only 2 others join in and they must be low on stamina.


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