May 6, 2014

Challenge Mission Bangkok: Chapter 3


Chapter 3 of Challenge Mission: Bangkok is now unlocked. In order to start working on it you must fully master Chapter 2. There are only 3 days left to fully master the challenge and based on Chapter 2, it’s not going to be easy to do [1].
The number of Jade Switches from the daily collect has increased from 25 to 30 and 2 more Crew slots have unlocked.
cm2The energy costs shown below may not be the same as yours because it’s on a gradient based on level. To spend the least amount of energy and consumables while getting the best ratio stay on the Green Job Heat Meter. If you collect the maximum number of parts per day then you may be able to do some jobs on the Yellow Job Heat Meter. If you only play twice a day then there may not be enough time.  You can do 6 jobs on the Green Heat Meter and 5 jobs on the Yellow every 8 hours.
Jobs 1 and 2 have 8% and 9% mastery. If jobs 3 and 4 are below this it won’t be pretty. If you don’t finish this last Chapter you will only miss out on 1-4 skill points and 1 loot item so it’s not the end of the world and definitely not worth spending reward points on. UPDATE: Job 3 is 6% mastery and that is not good!
Share your rewards because it will put active requests into the news feeds. Players who click on them will get 1 Jade Switch and you can get up to 5 of these per day. Once you master all 4 jobs, you are done with the event.
Once you master all 4 jobs, you will earn the last mastery item, the Torcherer, and are done with the event.cm8


  1. Wonder if i will make it, i was so stupid when i played on my phone last saturday, i was away from home to help someone and i was like, no problem, ill just use 2min to do a few of chapter 2 jobs on my phone, retarded as i am, i did a chapter 1 job until yellow and abit beyond, omg.
    But maybe ill make it, i have 247 of the consumables left.
    But im half a day behind due to my mistake so ive been needing to push way more into the yellow the usual, its only on the 3rd chapter i push way into the yellow so i end up in the red zone, but i never do any jobs in the red zone.
    After all, you only need to do like max 1,5 jobs a day if you do the jobs 2 times a day, like i do.

  2. who cares if you do you do if you dont so what

  3. you do a good you but its not the end of the world you must have a lot of their crappy stock

  4. its 5% for job 4 :(

  5. the most crap missions off all

  6. I will not finish and I dont care. not worth spending alot or RP's for 1 skill point and one loot item. I would rather spend on stamina refills.


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