May 6, 2014

Amusement Park


Just in time for Mexico, Zynga is amusing us with an Amusement Park! In case anyone has lost count, this is the 40th Limited Time Property and the 45th Global Property in Mafia Wars (not to mention all the City Properties). By now anyone who doesn’t ignore this feature should know what to do so there won’t be a detailed walkthrough and we will inform you if any changes are noted. If Zynga doesn’t change the requirements we should need 471 parts to get to Level 15. The milestone rewards for upgrading along the way include 15 partial energy refills and 48 extra parts. The ability to post multiple upgrade posts is still nerfed and like the last 2 these requests eventually dry up so it’s more difficult to get the job done if you aren’t suing an automated scanner  [1]. If you need more details on the upgrading process and the Spocklets available go here. The basics for this property are shown below.

There are 16 days to upgrade this property and VIP subscribers who have reached the gold tier get 5 extra days.
The building parts required are Coaster Tracks, Galvanized Steel and Cordless Drills. You will need a total of 471 parts to fully upgrade.
With each level you get a partial energy refill and extra parts as shown in the chart below.
energypoint Coaster Track [0/0] Galvanized Steel [0/0]Cordless Drill [0/0]
level1 5% -- ----
level2 6% -- ----
level3 7% -- ----
level4 8% -- ----
level5 9% -- ----
level6 10% 1 11
level7 20% 1 11
level8 20% 1 11
level9 20% 1 11
level10 20% 2 22
level11 30% 2 22
level12 30% 2 22
level13 30% 3 33
level14 35% 3 33
level15 50% -- --

Build and upgrade requests are what you need to click on to get the 4 extra parts every 8 hours but they are capped and it’s hard to find active ones. If you don’t use a scanner you might as well stop trying once we are into the higher levels.
Get to level 15 and you will earn the mastery reward, a Coaster Mechanic.
He reminds me of Brandon Venery who makes Pretzel Coasters [1],[2].pretzel1
The 15 items which can be crafted from the Amusement Park are shown below. The good news for those working on their level ratios is Zynga didn’t stick with the pattern and the best item offers +6 stamina instead of +6 defense like it should have been. This may not be good news for fighters.


  1. Any clue why all of the URL shorteners are being blocked by FB? Spock, Bitly, and TinyURL are all being blocked.


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