Apr 27, 2014

Slaughter Season: 04


A few days ago we told you that either an Ice Season or a Slaughter Season was on the way [1]. It shouldn’t be a surprise to that Zynga chose the Slaughter Season as you need a lot more ices to master it. Instead of tracking ices, Slaughter Seasons track Pennants which drop based on certain ice criteria. If you want the highest badge and loot reward you need to earn 2,000 or 4,000 ices in 7 days. This equates to about 285 ices from standard fighting and 571 ices per day in the Arena. Unlike Ice Seasons, getting your 150 ices per day won’t cut it and you need to go beyond this number. With Ice Seasons players only needed 142 ices per day to get there.

The rules on how to earn Pennants are as follows. You can earn 1 Pennant per every 2 ices in the Arena so it will be much easier. You get 1 ice per 500 stamina in the Arena so each Pennant earned in the Arena will require 1000 stamina.
ss3The number of Pennants required to fully master Slaughter Season is 2,000. The mastery item is a Night Winder.
ice5ice4ice3ice2ice1 Pennants can be earned in Shootout or Mob Fury Arenas and as you can see performance or difficulty of opponents does not matter. All you have to do is earn ices. Pennant totals are listed on top of the score boards and will be 1 half the total number of ices you received. Fake ices are those earned in the Arena at a rate of 1 per 500 stamina and Pennants will be one half this number.
ss4ss5A running total will be displayed on the main Arena page.
Pennants can also be earned by fighting on the fightlist. The number of Pennants you get per ice is based on the difficulty of each opponent. According to the FAQ for the original Slaughter Season (which is no longer on the Support Page) you should get 2 Pennants per ice on easy opponents but that is no longer the case. You get 1 Pennant per ice and 2 per kill (on easy opponents). If you check out the fight list, all or most opponents are easy. It wouldn’t make sense to try to ice medium or hard opponents as you would waste resources as it would take more stamina and if you lose to the player you would have to red ice them and get less experience.
Once you ice a easy target, you get 1 Pennant and for kills you get 2 Pennants.ss6
There is a bully throttle of 50 ices so icing the same player (ie, your mini) is only good for 50 of the 2,000 Pennants.
The total number of Pennants earned for the event is displayed on the fightlist.
As you progress through the 5 levels of mastery you will earn the milestone rewards shown below.mr1mr2mr3mr4mr5
Like Ice Seasons, once the season expires you will get your badge and loot reward. The badge you earn depends on which level of mastery you were working on when the event expired and the loot reward depends on which level of mastery you completed. Here is a closer look at the 5 items and the one you get won’t appear in the inventory until after the season expires.

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  1. TYPICAL MW/Zynga wanting us to do 10x more work for what is actually little or VERY little reward to us long term or V.I.P. Players mmmmm :(


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