Apr 26, 2014

Notification Welcome Back Gift: 10 Mega Slayers


The notification gift for the day is 10 Mega Slayers. These can be used for the Swazi Smackdown which expires in about 12 hours from now. Yesterday VIP subscribers got 30 of them and now all players who have their notifications set properly can get 10 more. These will go into your queue even if your queue is at the maximum capacity of 50. Hopefully they will still be there when the next event of this type comes around. For a list of all the possible daily notification gifts, go here. Edward Larson has been adding these links to the pinned post on our fan page as soon as they come out. If you still aren’t getting them, go here for instructions on how to adjust your settings. Even if your settings were adjusted, you may need to redo it. Once I did, I had to wait 14 days before I started receiving them.


1 comment:

  1. I didn't get them I was given 1 x Flame Snorter. I have already finished swazi smackdown so maybe that why I didn't get them. If I didn't get one as I had finished looks like unused ones wont be carried forward to next time so probably better off using them now?


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