Apr 28, 2014

Daily Shuffle Glitch Skill Point Rollback


Last week Zynga rolled back accounts that participated in the Daily Shuffle glitch [1], [2]. It was emphasized on their support page that only the loot items gained were taken away and those who gained skill points were feeling like they scored. The rollbacks didn’t stop with the loot and today the skill points were rolled back as well. The Daily Shuffle glitch allowed players to earn attack, stamina and health points and as you can see from the image below, they were taken back. I’m not sure how Zynga determined which were obtained from the glitch and which were earned or purchased in the game. There was a 2X Property Build between then and now and I’ve seen several players report more points were taken away than were earned. Although these glitches are ultimately the developers fault, players are usually punished once they are identified. Playing Mafia Wars in the presence of a glitch is a lot of fun and most players know there will probably be rollbacks but take the risk anyway. This time it didn’t work out but I’m sure there will be others in the future. If you were an innocent victim of this rollback or more was taken back then you gained, go here to report it to the developers via the form. According to Zynga the rollback is complete so if you didn’t lose anything you got away with it.



  1. I guess zynga decided to add a little more risk to the profile for those seeking to exploit zynga created glitches. I cannot say i shed a tear if a glitcher loses a bit more than they gained from the glitch. Can you loot lady?

    1. No, but I do feel bad for the players who purchased points and lost those. If this happened to me, I wouldn't spend anymore money on the game and if people stop spending we could lose the game. Everybody knows when you use a glitch it may get rolled back so I doubt anyone who lost exactly what they gained is upset.

    2. There is no way that cheaters are spending more money than the honest players that are leaving this game or no longer spending because of all these bullshit glitchers that suffer no consequences. I hope anyone that gained from the glitch did spend genuine money and lost that too, maybe then they might reconsider cheating in future. If Zynga don't put in place very tough penalties and actually enforce them it is all pointless. The cheaters get stronger and the silly idiots like me pay to lose to them.

  2. They ought to double or triple what the cheater took and I sure as hell wouldnt spend money on a phony stupid game like this and if they shut it down id just find another stupid game to play

  3. Well, you are paying for the pure enjoyment of the game, glitches and all.

  4. This is still a joke so many they rolled back loot on still have their skills and stamina refills. It's great they rolled a few back but no doubt more are still smiling over their gain than those crying over the loss of things they didn't deserve to begin with.


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