Sep 26, 2011

Loot Item Stat Changes


We can all stop laughing at Zynga for trying to pawn off gifts with crapy stats.  It was explained on the Official Mafia Wars Blog that the items we've been getting to celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary are throw back items but the stats have been improved. They not have came into the office over the weekend to adjust them.

Mafia Wars is celebrating its 3-year anniversary by giving away some cool throwback gifts! Play Mafia Wars everyday to receive a free classic item that has stood the test of time in Mafia Wars. We've already given away some of the originals, but we'll be switching to updated and upgraded versions today, so come back to see the old made new:

Mafia Wars 3-Year Anniversary Upgraded Classics
Upgraded Classic: Bullet Proof Vest
Bullet Proof Vest
Upgraded Classic: Getaway Cruiser
Getaway Cruiser
Upgraded Classic: Pair Of Pet Tigers
Pair Of Pet Tigers
Upgraded Classic:
Tactical Shotgun

In other loot news, some rare Chicago items are about to receive an upgrade as well, with stats more deserving of items used by original gangsters. Head into Mafia Wars to discover which ones!

Here are the items as they appear in the Inventory History. You will also notice that some of the stats on Chicago loot were increased. All of the items you got in Chicago will have adjusted stats. The 3 year anniversary gifts were new items so all the old one you own will continue to retain their old crappy stats.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. You may not be laughing anymore... But I, for one, am vomiting. The upgraded classic crap is still just that...crap.

    The updated Chicago items guessed it...still crap.

    Anyone that maxed out on the Cuban loot like I at the least...feeling the sanctimonious explanation offered by Zynga.

    Where I come any other still CRAP!

    Don't give up your day jobs.

  2. Wondering if they're also going to adjust actually getting them? My inventory still shows quantity "0" of these items so far.

  3. These items mean nothing. We all get them so it is not like we all gain anything by this anyway.If everyone has one that makes them worthless.

  4. But it's a nice celebration. :D And who doesn't love free stuff ?


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