Aug 17, 2011

To Smuggle A Mocking Bird Walk Through


To Smuggle A Mocking Bird has twists, turns and bird jokes at every corner. It starts out in the Smuggler's Haven, takes you to Italy, Las Vegas and back to Brazil. There are 8 parts and we get a Grand Prize loot item for completing Parts 7 and 8. Who ever designed this Mission is obsessed with birds as evidenced by the title which is a play of words off the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, by Harper Lee, To Kill A Mocking Bird. Find the Mission on your Home Page. You have over 8 days to complete it. You will notice that it's pretty easy except for the last part but is very doable. I didn't need to spend any Reward Points to complete it.
Part 1
Scavenger Hunt
The bad news is you need to get support from your mafia X5 right out of the gate. The good news is the counter works and the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet by Team Spockholm makes it easy.
An added feature is it can generate a news feed post so you no longer need to copy/paste the link. Even cooler is if you click on "Publish to group", you can post the help to a Facebook-group instead of your wall, i.e. your family's wall. Just enter the name of the group where is says "To:".
Ice 6 opponents. Make sure you ice them in New York or they won't count. You can kill three birds with one stone (get the bird humor?) as your ices will count towards Ice Seasons, Family Progression and this part of the Mission.
The loot item reward is pretty lame. You will get 2 Life Savers. This may help you master the Smuggler's Haven but a lot of players have already done this. If you really want, you can collect up to 200 Life Savers a day via the Free Gift System.
Part 2
Birds of a Feather
 Do the Secret District job "Bribe Officials To Ignore The Haven" 5 times. The energy cost will vary depending on your level of mastery. Compared to previous Missions 5 seems like a pretty reasonable number.
Add 3 Brazil Crew members to your queue. If your queue is full you have to activate slots in order to make room. Don't activate all 8 because you will need to activate 3 in next part of the Mission.
The best way to recruit Brazil Crew members is to click the "Recruit" button inside of your queue and generate a news feed post. Clicking the "Ask" button outside of the queue will take you to the individual request page and that could take much longer to fill your slots.
The loot item reward is a Fire Breather that is sure to help most players equipment scores. Too bad this is an easier way to get one as the drop rate of these things is for the birds!
Part 3
The Bird Is The Word
Win 25 fights in Brazil. Power Attacks count as 5 and attacking players who are already iced counts as well.
Activate 3 Brazil Crew positions. This should be very easy as you had to get 3 members in your queue for Part 2.
Do the Secret District job "Help Defend The Haven From Police" 5 times.
The loot item reward is a Army Cargo Carrier. I hate it when they give you a better loot item in early parts of the Mission. I was expecting something as good as the Fire Breather. 
Part 4
Flipping the Bird
You can do this! Don't waste a Reward Point. In fact you can kill two birds with one stone by clicking on one of the other tasks "Go Now" buttons. Talk about beating the system. 
Collect from your Italian Villa one time. You can collect on your Villa once every 4 hours.
Do the Italy Region 2 job "Find An Old Family Friend" 1 time. That's no typo. Zynga is getting soft on us. It will cost you 56 energy if you are mastered on the Ruby Level.  
There are no loot item rewards but you get a butt load of New York cash. Too bad it's not enough to help get the What's After Trillion Achievement. A billion dollars doesn't do much.
Part 5
Ruffled Feathers
Get support from you mafia three times. The counter works and 3 isn't a bad number for this task as long as you use the Mission Crew bookmarklet.
Go to your fightlist and take out 15 Assassins.  Each Assassin costs 4 stamina to attack.
No loot rewards again but you get 2 Hired Guns. Woo hoo!!!
Part 6
Duck and Cover
Travel to Las Vegas. That's too easy to even qualify for being a task. Use another "Go Now" button and you can kill two birds with one stone.
Do the District 1 Las Vegas job "Move Your Crew Into A Safe House" 5 times. This job costs 57 energy on the Ruby Level.
Rob nine times to complete this part of the Mission. Use a Rob Squad to knock it out with one click. It's like killing nine birds with one stone. 
You will get 2 more Life Savers which you may or may not need. 
 Part 7
This One's For The Birds
Zynga is not good at explaining themselves. The first task is a little tricky because you don't know what they want you to do. The task simply says to "Acquire 5 Weapons". The description says "This will be quite a fight, you better be ready". What in the hell does that mean? When you click on "Go Now", it takes you to the Marketplace. You can buy Loyalty Point and Fight club weapons and they will count. Remember it's weapons so armor, vehicles and animals won't count.
You can also buy any weapon from any City Store and it will count.
Fight 25 opponents. Losses count this time. Now look on your fightlist for a Bird Brained Billionaire. He can't be that stupid or he wouldn't have a billion dollars.
This is another one of those fake boss fights. All you have to do is spend 100 stamina and hit him once. Lame!
They should have named this part of the Mission The Cock Tease and you will see what I mean once you get there. When you collect your loot reward which is the Grand Prize of a Kookaburra, you assume that you are finished with the Mission and bask in your accomplishment. Soon thereafter you see there is another part, hence the Cock Tease.  For those of you who think I'm being vulgar, a Cock is a bird.
Another thing that doesn't make sense is this Kookaburra. Where did he come from. Isn't the Mission called To Smuggle A Mocking Bird? Why not have a Mocking Bird? There isn't one in our inventory. Here is what a Mocking Bird looks like. This would have been a much more appropriate loot item.
Part 8
Smuggler's Secret
You read it right. The Micky Mouse tasks are over. Ice 50 Opponents and this must be done in Brazil. Expect to use a lot of stamina. The good news is these ices will count towards Ice Seasons, Family Progression and the next task so there are 4 birds you can kill with the same stone.
Loot 10 Life Savers from fights. You will see them slide across the fight screen.
The last task will be difficult for some, easy for others and many will find it's auto checked because they did already did it.  You must fully master the Secret District in order to complete this Mission.
The rewards are a second Kookaburra and a larger than life experience payout. This will be proportional to your level so don't freak out that mine might be bigger than yours. Be strategic when you collect. You want to make sure you won't waste energy or stamina. Experience will carry over to the next level, unused energy and stamina does not. 
If you have enough energy and/or stamina to level, do not collect. Wait until you are far from reaching your next level so nothing gets wasted.
This post would not be complete without a tribute to The Bird.

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Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Your not giving me credit for the Family Guy skit? Come on Jen.

  2. Well about collecting reward I don't agree with your second choice!
    In your case you need 26k exp to level. You would use 10,6 from reward and some 11-12k from stamina leaving you app 4k short from leveling.
    Will you waste EP for reaching new level? Brazil bonuses? Fightclub refil? All will be a waste!
    What I would do is waste all energy and stamina, then a bonus and when I would be some 3k,5k,8k away from leveling (with no stamina and energy left) than I would use 10,6k reward!
    As you said Experience from mission will carry over to the next level!

  3. LOL, sorry Ryan. I post Family Guy stuff on this blog all the time and that was actually the very first thing I added to the draft which was done prior to you posting it on the fan page. Thank you for posting it but the last thing I had time for while trying to get this out was scrolling the wall to find out who also thought of it and posted.

  4. If you continue attacking someone that you iced 50 times you will get your 50 ices in 50 hits.

  5. very easy mission...but my experience reward for the last part of the mission is only 4945

  6. Have'nt you heard ?

  7. @tq, the point was not to collect when you would be wasting. I was in a position where I would be wasting something anyways. That's the price I pay to get these posts out in a timely fashion. If I wasn't documenting every game move, I would could have been a lot more strategic. Hell if I didn't write this blog, I would probably be a lot stronger and my level would be much higher. I'm probably the weakest Platinum player there is and people like to accuse me of not knowing the game because of it (not you but others have). Yet the same people use all the information I post to make life easier for themselves.

  8. I would simply like to say thank you for the information that you provide, I only "discovered" you about a month ago ( I've been playin for 2.5+ years now ) and I have found you hints tips and info most usefull, so, again , Thank you !

  9. @MW LootLady don't get me wrong!
    I'm not criticizing you. I’m just pointing that here is a more strategic way to collect rewards. You are writing this for masses aren't you? And masses will not complete this mission in few hours. So then you shouldn’t write how you did it but how is the best strategic to do it.
    Isn’t this the point of your blog?

  10. Well the point of that whole segment was not to waste it. If I had time to outline every strategy for every type of player maybe I would have went into all that. I only have time to say how I do things, most readers know the fundamentals of the game and wouldn't try to do exactly as I did. I'm sorry but I'm just getting sick of people telling me how I should write my own blog. People who do this really need to start their own and stop telling me what to do.

  11. You're overreacting.
    I'm a fan of your blog and I'm reading it daily. I just wanted to point out best way to collect reward and that’s it.

  12. my last reward only shows
    85 154
    So must be what level you are then determines the xp reward? great!

  13. Hi Jen, Kookies (as we call them here in Oz) do mock other birds, cars, machinery, lol, especially jack hammers, and thier "laugh" is said to mock peeps when they have an accident, so they are mocking birds in a very cryptic way, lol

  14. you don't have to 'buy' the 5 weapons at all -- i just waited until i had 5 weapons drop while fighting and presto! mission done.

    the wording of that particular segment is rather confusing, imo. i expected it meant i'd have to build 5 weapons at my armory...

  15. "Ice 50 Opponents and this must be done in Brazil. Expect to use a lot of stamina. The good news is these ices will count towards Ice Seasons."

    Average players will never complete Ice Seasons if they're attempting to ice in Brazil.

    Yet another mission that most people will neve finish. What's really sad about this one is that they lure people in with easy to reasonable tasks, then throw this at them at the end.

    Wise up, Zynga - you'll get more RP from HAPPY PLAYERS than you'll get from attempting to FORCE them to spend to do something they didn't really want to do anyway!

  16. For part 7, you can buy 5 bats in NY for $90 to get the weapon requirement.

    The final exp must be a sliding scale, I have 12,155 for mine.

  17. This is my first post here and I am always amazed how critical some people can be to a person or people who do something for others. As a matter of fact, once you know what is expected there are several ways to attack this....many factors will come into play...)1 How much energy one has...vs) 2 How much stamina one has and where are you along getting near to collect your fight energy or close to being able to use your stamina pack.

    I my self was glad this was here so I could see what was next and play it the way that best served me. For that MW LootLady I say Thank You!

  18. @MWLL I completely agree. Anyone who's played the game for more than a minute would know by now how to maximize experience gain from missions, jobs, etc., w/o you having to post a screenshot of every possible outcome. I think ppl get the general idea of what's needed to complete the latest mission, and that's what I was looking for. So thank you for a great post, and for getting it up so quickly.


  19. in part 7 : Acquire 5 weapons, instead of buying you just have to make some fights or jobs to loot 5 weapons

  20. @parly, very missleading the word aquire, especially as it takes you to marketplace,just goto soldier tier in ny and the job that loots the c5s. also it might pay off on the ice 50 opponents challenge to go to your rivals list and try and attack the very first rival at the top and see if it gives 2 ice counts, even if the rival is dead it will still work... untill zynga fix it. also it wont go towards the in game ice count but will just get the job done with less messing about

  21. my mission bar part 2 doesn't appear after the part 1 done. how's that can be?? need advice.

  22. Acquire 5 Weapons: Do a 2 pt job in NY and get some butterfly knifes - why waste your money!

  23. Wow, all this talk about the Mockingbird Mission makes it sound like a lot of fun. Too bad Zynga still hasn't given me access to it.
    It's Saturday night August 20th. I still haven't gotten it :(

  24. I love this blog! Thank you so much for all the tips and strategies. Not everything applies to me because I haven't really invested much in fighting stats. I just blow through every level using experience. I haven't really done any Vegas fights and I bought the five weapons I needed for this mission with fight points (saving my NY money to replenish my health).

    The one thing that I get stuck on every day is that I never have enough money. Any thoughts on that? It's going to be the thing that might prevent me from completing Smuggler to Ruby.


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