Aug 17, 2011

Family Manager by Eike


There is a new Spocklet in town that will help you monitor your family progression.

Like the Mafia Manager, this script will take snapshots of your family's stats and you can compare them to later snapshots.

Find the Spocklet on the Beta Spockholm page. It is called Family Manager.
Drag it to your bookmarklet-bar as usuall and run it on a unframed MW page. After the first run you'll see something like this:
Now click on the "Load Family" button to load your first snapshot. This will, depending on your connection and family size, take 1-3 minutes to complete.

After you create your first snapshot, click in "family" and you can browse your family and sort by different stats.
Your own name will be highlighted in red, so you can compare yourself easily to others. (Names in the screenshot are removed, but the list is from the Spock family.)

If you come back after some time, i.e. the next day, and create a new snapshot, you'll be able to see changes in the stats.

The snapshots are sorted by date with the oldest first, so if you want to compare your newest snapshot with the oldest, you have to click on "Compare with latest" at the uppermost snapshot.
You will then see a list of all the changes that you can sort by different categories or by the sum of all fields to easily filter our slackers. Your own name will be once again highlighted in red.

There is still work to do. If players are added or removed, they may be displayed inaccurately. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

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Article written by Eike, part of Team Spockholm and co-writer to the MW Loot Lady Blog
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. The Family Manager is on the Beta page (at leastit is now)

  2. Thanks Eike, I'll check it out :)

  3. Are families run by Ratio ? in other words do we need the same ratio of work to earn the perks as other families.
    If a 90 member family need the same number of points to fill a bar as a 30 member family they could level up 3 times faster .. not fair? If say 600 points per member are required per task 4 x 600 = 2,400 to level then a 30 member family needs 72,000 points to level up or fill that bar. For a family with 90 members they would need 216,000 to level up or fill the bar if its ratio based ?????
    Regards - Paul

  4. Nope, everyone needs full XP, so families that are "full" will takes years. I think this should be changed.

  5. It`s great ,it is work but I have a problem with saving the snapshots...Once I go out of FF they disapear .Can you tell me what I do wrong? Thank you!

  6. Is this bm broken due to the reset issue we are having with our Family progress?
    Our timers have not reset since Sunday night.
    I tried this bm a couple weeks ago and it showed stats for all the members of my group. Now getting zeros in all the columns.

  7. Same here... ran it every day over the last 3 days and all I get on the comparison is all zeros.

  8. I have a problem , a couple days ago , there was a glitch with mafia wars , I went from level 600 and something to level 2858 , during that time I joined a family , the glitch has been fixed , but , I am still with the group , only I don't have access to the family roster , and anything I do , the family gets no credit for and I can't participate in any family missions and jobs , I have contacted Zynga , they said , the godfater has to remove me , or deactivate mw , then reactivate it , I did , didn't work , they tried to remove me , it left a "ghost" member ..and still cannot rejoin..what do I do??

  9. Hello. I stumbled upon this spocklet last night and was pretty excited to run it but it looks like it doesn't work anymore. When I click on "Load Family" it just says "Loading memberlist..." but nothing is coming up at all. I wish it could be updated as this would've been a really useful tool. Thanks in advance to the creator for any update.

  10. its better if can use mafia family list, not all mw friendlist, ty

  11. I just started using it. How do I read the + numbers? Does the + mean percent, points.....
    Thank you.

  12. Need to know how to export .csv file?? Nothing works, even saving it as .xls , .txt. or .csv

    Says File is corrupt???

  13. Since the last unframe fix, I have been unable to get this script, and several others, to work. :( Any ideas? I am running Firefox with GreaseMonkey installed. Please don't suggest running Chrome. I had that before and had many issues with it.

  14. If you cant save directly through Bookmark application
    1 open excel
    2 copy
    3 paste special Unicode
    4 name and save

  15. What does the column HL Kills mean?

  16. Hit list kills!!

  17. I am loading family, but the count maxes out at 41 members. Is this a bug? Is it configurable somewhere? I want to load all mafia members, if possible.

  18. Does anyone know what the "sum" number means


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