Jan 16, 2011

Finish Your Operations Here


Recently "Finish My Mafia Operation" page created by Devlin is gone. He created a new one Finish My Mafia Wars Operations and you can go there to join again.
Finish My Mafia Wars Operations

Apparently when a page hits 10,000 users FaceBooks deletes it, if it isn't a real business, person, or place, he said.
So far by the time I make this post, the users has almost reach 5K of members.

In case the page is down again (I really hope not!), you can also join this group or Discussion Board on the Spockholm Mafia Tools page created by our friend, Chris.
Spockholm Mafia Tools

It already has more than 25K of posts!

Based off their huge following, you can pretty much get missions done within 30 seconds of posting them on the discussion board above.

The rule is simple.
  1. Shorten your Operation link using tinyurl or goo.gl
  2. Paste the link on the Discussion Board above with the description of the Operation.
  3. Done.

Now you know the places to go anytime you have new Operations.
Have fun!

PS :
I'd like to say thanks again to Devlin and Chris, the creator of both page/discussion.
Credit goes to Spockholm team for the wonderful page!

Article written by Ade,
Creator of the Mafia Wars Maniac Blog.
All material is protected by copyright law


  1. Jangan di ulang lagi mbak..Jenny dah pernah buat..mending buka blok lagi deh

  2. Iya sama kaya gini...blom lama..liat aja kiriman2an kebelakang...namamu adelaida M..iya de

  3. cucu, Jangan banana slip pip coco fufu, blom lama you, cip, cip buka buka, nakitu mi jaši, Spockholm down???

  4. other group is here too

    mission help group



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