Jun 11, 2010

Daily Checklist, Double Mastery, & Las Vegas


I finally logged into my Mafia Wars Account today and found some things had changed.  2 are good and 1 is bad.  I'll cover the bad thing first.  When I completed my daily check list, I was given 1 reward point instead of the 1 skill point I'm used.  If this is a permanent thing, I'm not going to even bother with the checklist anymore.  A skill point has much more value than a reward point.  A skill point will benefit fit you over and over again.  A reward point is just a conduit to attain more skill points weather you directly buy them or buy an energy pack to level up and get 5 of them.  4 skill points cost 14 reward points.  Essentially, the pay off for the effort I put into completing my daily checklist has decreased by about 29%.  Not cool, Zynga!.  This little stunt of yours was very much noticed by me and I'm sure many others.     
On to the good things!.  This week end we will get double mastery on all jobs except for those done in London.  I'm happy about this because I've been ignoring Bangkok.  This starts now an ends on Sunday at 11:59 Pacific Time.  Maybe I'll finally finish Episodes 6 and 7.

Now for the most exciting thing.  Las Vegas is coming soon.  If you go to the help drop bar located in the upper right hand corner of your Mafia Wars page and click on "Coming Soon", you will find some exciting things about Las Vegas.  I'm was very happy to learn that the launch party will be held in the town I live in, Las Vegas. I will make sure to be there.  Hopefully I can get some good information and report back to you.  If they listen, I will also tell them a few things about how the players are feeling.  Here is what Zynga has to say about Las Vegas.
  "Your journey to Las Vegas is looming on the horizon, and you'll be extremely excited to hear some exciting news about Mafia Wars' newest city! Fighting and battle take the center stage in Sin City, as fighting becomes integral to conquering your enemies and completing your ultimate goal as the lord of the Vegas Underworld. Begin arming yourself and your Mafia with the best weapons, armor, vehicles and animals, as you'll need every advantage to defeat your opponents."

This visit to the desert is a feast for the eyes - you'll be able construct your own casino, and then upgrade it so that it will be a shining 5-star resort. Each mission will have its own full-color piece of art to help narrate the exciting storyline. Every decision you make will have greater impact, so be careful of what path you choose to take your criminal empire.

Destiny awaits. This time, what happens in Vegas definitely won't stay in Vegas.
We are hard at work on getting our new city, Las Vegas, ready for everyone. In the meantime, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse at our creative process, and how things in the game go from ideas and concepts to the amazing artwork you see in the final game. We have a top notch art team here at Mafia Wars, who strive to bring all of the designers' ideas to light.

Here is an example of that creative process at work: this is what the "property" page for Vegas will look like. Each of the separate components of your hotel / casino complex can be upgraded individually, and look bigger and better as you upgrade them. In a future update we will show you some of the details about each individual property, but for now enjoy the finished work.

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