May 25, 2010

Open Multiple Crime Spree Safes without Refreshing the Page


***The glitch that allowed for an unlimited amount of Crime Spree Safes to be opened has been repaired.  This is still a great tool as you can open all your safes without leaving the game or refreshing your screen.***

The links for Crime Spree gifts are flying all over the newsfeeds.  It's not a good idea to click on links from random people you may or may not know.  You never know where these links could take you.  Remember hackers and spammers can use your friends FB account to send you a message or make a post.  The person may say it's a link for a free Crime Spree gift but you won't know until you click on it.  The fabulous Arch-Angel Nemesis has a new tool called Spree Unlock (live).  I tried it and it works!!!!  Now I can open as many safes as I want without having to go out of the game to click on unknown links or refresh my page every time I click.  To try it out go to the Arch-Angel Nemesis Website and bookmark Spree Unlock (live).  There are instructions on how to do this right above the bookmark.  If you need more information on how to use bookmarklet programs, see my blog post titled Bookmarklets.

From your Mafia Wars home page click on the Crime Spree "Ask for Help" button.

Click on your Spree Unlock Bookmark once to unframe, and a second time to show the program.  If your screen starts to shrink after your second click, you can stabilize it by clicking on another bookmark program and than opening the window back up.  Find out how to prevent this from happening by reading my blog post titled Screen Shrinkage with Bookmarklets.
Click on the "Open Safe!" Button and your gift will appear.  Repeat as often as you like.  This will probably stop working if and when Zynga finds out about it and fixes the glitch in their system.  They have been known to take back items obtained from glitches so don't get too attached to your cute little Sumotori Fighters or other items you may gather.


  1. no it's not work anymore

  2. Not Working anymore :(

  3. Works absolutely fanTAStically!
    I just ran it on my UnFramed Crime Spree page. Quick, easy, no refresh screens. VERY fast. Perfect bookmarklet!

    Thank you, Loot Lady for telling everyone about it. Thank you Arch-Angel for developing it.

    Walt D in LV

    P.S. Don't forget to send donations to the creators of all your favorite Bookmarklets!

  4. I can't get to the crime spree page. Where is it? I looked on the home page where you said but there is a better than flowers thing there. I have unopened safes to do but can't even find the page. Is there a link that I can go to? I shouldn't have to, though. There should be a button on the menu bar.

  5. This Account Has Been Suspended


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