May 18, 2011

Shotgun Blasts


The Roughhouse Rafael Boss Fight has been removed from the Current Events Module and is officially expired.
You can still see all your left over consumables (minus the Shotgun Blasts) on the Boss Fight page via the Operations tab as well as on your Inventory page.
Shotgun Blasts are still on the Free Gift page and you can still collect up to 40 a day before they convert to Mystery Bags. Could this mean that there is another Boss Fight coming very soon or Zynga forgot to change up the Free Gift page? Guess we will find out tomorrow or Thursday.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. thanks, as I thought I was going crazier as I saw it one minute and then it was gone lol

  2. He has only 1000 health yesterday at silver mastery and they removed him... gmo...

  3. The Rafael mission WAS "expired" for a while earlier today(even though the screen showed almost 2 days left). Then the mission was back on + showed over 24 hrs left. Nowe it's expired again(MUCH LESS than 24 hrs later)! What's going on???!!! And where do I go to report/complain about this?

  4. fuck u zynga ┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐ fuckkkk u

  5. This boss fight event has been a f'ing JOKE!

    First up we are not told about the Quest/Mission/Operation/Hunt whatever the hell they are calling them now. FOR GODS SAKE ZYNGA CHOOSE A DAMND NAME AND STICK WITH IT!

    Then we are told we get an impossible to complete limited amount of consumables, which turns out are actually unlimited.

    The Quest/Mission/Operation/Hunt starts almost silently without any real notice.

    The boss fight vanishes with 4-5 days notice for around 12 hours, then reappears for some with a few hours left.

    What the F'ing HELL use reinstating a Boss Fight event at around 11pm UK Time that ends at 5am UK time.

    The UK just zynga-raped dry because no one would have seen that.

    I personally had 2 cracks of the bat left, the boss only had 180 health left, the timer said I had 1 minute 15 seconds, then BAM it ended on the 1 minute mark not zero.

    I don't think I'll even bother with the next boss fight its too unpredictable with all this crap.

  6. Here's a conversation with a Zynga rep re: the shotgun blasts:

    Silvia R.: Let me congratulate you since you are one of the few players I've seen that has finished all current events!
    Silvia R.: I really hope new features come soon.
    Silvia R.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    XXXXXXXX: Oh Silvia, if you don't mind, do you know wether there's any point of accepting any more of those shotgun blasts?? I also finished off that boss and don't know if there's any point of keeping to collect them?
    XXXXXX: yeah and I'm a fighter so go figure lol... also indicates that I'm spending way to much time on the game probably lol
    Silvia R.: XXXXXXX, I advise you to keep on collecting them as probably new Boss Fights are coming and they will be useful!

  7. i don't get how it took so long for some people, and how come some didn't even manage to finish it.

    i finished the bronze and silver levels the same day the event started, and only had to wait until the mission came up to get the achievement.

    seriously, my mafia is relatively small (most of them are hired guns), but i could have been able to get hundreds of shotgun blasts per day from the wall posts if it wasn't for the limit of 81.

    this was one of the easiest and fastest events ever and it simply astonishes me how it can take so long for some people.

  8. [IMG][/IMG]

    I have just got this message while using mwap. What's that about, looks like zynga implemented some security. I read before that they installed some file in our system and we could delete that. Any suggestion?

  9. wdf? I thoguht there was some final mission zynga hadnt released yet that wouldnt finish unless you still hd the last boss fight open, so i never finished it!!!!



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