May 18, 2011

More Declare War Updates


There were a few more changes to the Declare War feature. Nate discussed the healing option that we all have been waiting to find out more about. You can see the War description window has changed to include what it's all about. It sounds rather pointless to me and is really a gimmick to spend Reward Points. You can heal one of your wounded mafia members for 3 Reward Points or one of your friends can heal them for 1 Reward Point. I can see the Customer Support tickets pouring in already. Don't they know that the majority of wars are over within seconds? What's going to happen to all the suckers who decide to use this feature only to discover their war has ended before the page can reload? Not really a well thought out idea.
The next big change is that an option to speed up the timer for your next war has been added. I didn't have that long to go so I tried it out. Click on "Declare war now for X". There is no verification popup so try not to click this by mistake.
You are free to declare war on somebody as if the timer expired on it's own.
You are dropped to the bottom of the page with a list of players to choose from. You can always go to the fight page as well or a Mafia War profile page of somebody you want to war against.
Once your war is declared, the timer resets back to 8 hours. You can wait or spend 12 Reward Points to do it again.
You will now see there little colored squares next to each target The color indicates the level of difficulty the target will be. Hover you mouse over the image of each target if you don't want to use the color codes. Invincez Amir Yusri posted this image on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page to better explain it.
The Live Chat option also got a major improvement. The tiny url links are no longer used and the long Mafia Wars link has taken it's spot. Hmm...I think I remember suggesting that in this post (1). I'm glad they listened because it wasn't safe to use tiny urls. You will also notice a lot more players have given Mafia Wars permission to invade their Facebook Chat.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. just more ways of getting suckers to part with RP - looks like I'm pretty much outta here

  2. like you said in the beginning... this all seems pointless. you do not have time to do any of this stuff. does zynga actually play this game?!? lol.

  3. Hey there, we can not chare your Link/Page on Facebook?

  4. Did you notice that when you click on "see all rewards", it no longer says how many of each item you have.

    If you click on an individual item, you can see if you have any active, but it was much better before (with the totals next to each item).

  5. This really sucks... I have attempted about 40 or more war assists today most of them I entered 10 to 20 seconds after they were posted only to discover they were finished...

  6. One more reason to disable the FB-Chat.

  7. These last updates made the war page become a lot heavier.

  8. Yet another scheme to try to get us to blow rp.. Now there's no limit/timer to how often we can be declared on, which goes hand-in-hand w/ the rp timer speed up.. think their logic is: If we're allowed to be declared on 10 times in a couple hours we're going to want revenge so we'll spend $$ to keep cutting the timer to try to declare back.. not gonna happen here lol


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