May 18, 2011

Mafia Wars Live Part 2


Since Mafia Wars Live was such a big hit, Nate and Cole built up the hype all week with sexy promos in the news feeds.
They practiced very hard and wanted to make sure their performance was even better than the week before.
To spice it up, they even brought in a very special guest Cerulean Master from the forums. He was very excited and made quite the impression. The ladies in the live chat went wild!
To see all that you missed out on, watch the entire broadcast here. Go here if the video doesn't load for you. There were lots of good things here. The bad news is the heal function in wars is going to cos Reward Points so that will be a useless feature like Trader Goh. The only real mistake I saw was when Cole answered the question about Secret Stashes not working. I think he thought they were asking about the job Secret Stash and just admitted the drop rate sucked. We will see more Boss Fights, Crime Spree Loot is being looked, Fight Club is going to be improved upon where ices will count for something they way Victory Coins do and we may see the good Italy loot drop in fights. Bad news for all those who haven't finished Crack The Safe. Looks like they are going to kill it. Stay tuned for more on that from the Official Mafia Wars Blog.

All the player questions can be viewed on this forum thread. Since my last question was addressed but not answered, I figured I would ask one that wasn't so difficult to answer this time. I had asked this question during the Live Forum Chat Session in the past but it was ignored. I was pleased to hear that they had talked about it and are leaving the best way to bring enough money into the game to the players. I'm going to be all over this one.

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When are you going to make it possible for all players to get the What's After Trillion achievement? Many got it because of a glitch and there was no roll back. There is no other way to get this achievement other than doing the Agostino Cleto Boss Fight over and over again for about a year. With the roll out of new destinations on such short intervals there isn't time to work on this. In the past there was no cap on hitlist bounties so many got it this way. Those of us left without it need a way to get a lot of NY cash in the game. 999 Trillion is a lot of money and almost impossible. I've been playing for almost 2 years and only have 110 Trillion. I can't imagine what the casual player must feel about their chances of ever getting this achievement. Since you all like events so much, why not a NY Money Event to give us a boost and a chance.
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  1. its funny how you can say people got the achievement from a glitch and should of been rolled back but do you tell every one how zynga gives you 501 of all the new loot that comes out for free and reward points so you can post what you post maybe you should look at your self first your one of the biggest scamers in mafia wars thats why your blog keeps getting blocked

  2. Onviosuly you didn't understand my question. There is no way they could roll that back and they never would. I didn't ask them to, I'm just asking what the players who missed out on it are suppose to do. I'm a platmium player and buy reward points for my posts. I have a few big energy accounts and zynga has never given me loot or reward points. Get your story straight before making false accusations. My link is banned by fb because idiots like you reported it as spam. It will be unbanned and it hasn't even effected anything on my end. Don't be such a hating troll because Karma will get you.

  3. if Z kill off the safe before everyone has a chance to finish then they should remove all safe loot from all accounts - they keep going on about levelling the playing field and yet they are the major distorters of the playing field - if they kill the safe without withdrawing the loot and keep on with spam events disguised as boss fights and marketplace loot disguised as a mission then they will kill mafia wars

  4. I agree that the 999 Trillion Achievement is a very difficult one to get and am proud to say that I finally achieved it without any glitches. As you say, the way to do it is to do a LOT of boss fights.

  5. Thank you MWLootLady for saying loud what many of us think. I'm one of those "suckers" who play for two years and are far-far away from achievement. It would be achievable if there was only NY or if there was a way to convert money to NY dollars, but regular way it is almost unachievable.

  6. During a recent move I was away from Mw for a few months, when I came back everything was changes so much I can no longer find my way around.
    I have basic questons that have not been answered on any of the sights. Where can I go to get my questions answered short, sweet, and street(to the point without having to search pages that do not have answers? Thanks, Just


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