May 19, 2011

Boss Fight Feedback


As mentioned during the Mafia Wars Live broadcast, Zynga want our feedback on the latest style of Boss Fight. Look for the Home Page Ad or go here.
I decided to check it out because I'm well aware of why players didn't like the Roughhouse Rafael Boss Fight. It doesn't seem right to even call it a Boss Fight. They should have called it a Search and Spam Mission. The first question is simple enough. They want to know if you enjoyed played the new Boss Fight. I clicked "No" because there wasn't a "Hell No" category.
Next they want to know what you like best. I didn't answer this one because there wasn't anything I liked. I just filled in Other.
Now they want to know what would make the Boss Fight better. Getting rid of it wasn't an option so I chose improving the drop rates and rewards. I laugh that they called it rewards with a "s" because in the end all we got was one loot item.
The last thing they want is for you to provide additional comments. I would just like to see one event that doesn't require something in the form of a Free Gift.

Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast.
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  1. Hi, I am just wondering..Do you actually still enjoy this game???????

  2. Surely this event wasn't that great, but it still was the best event for the last few months. But given the limits in the game (being browser based, having a greedy host and incompetent devs), it was quite good. Compared to events like the valentine gifting, it was a blast.

    Constructive feedback and some pats on some shoulders would actually help to get better events in future (I did that:, while "beotching" around doesn't improve anything.

  3. this event is new and we should encourage. 2 only things i don't like are the spamming and low drop rate of bat, knife and punch.

  4. Didn't the event disappear sooner than supposed to?

  5. At one point it said that the Boss would run away in 6 days, but below it said that the fight would expire on May 17. I didn't have a chance to finish the gold level because I thought I had more days left.

  6. if an event start at different times for each player. y should it end on the same time for all.


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