Dec 2, 2015

Japan Special Goodies Packs


Last month Zynga's 'announcement' of a new location was tied to a request for their players mobile phone numbers [1]. For our phone numbers, we were told that we would get to redeem a 'Special Goodies Pack' and today that part came true. We were also told that we would get 'automated promotional message' from Zynga. That part has yet to come true and it makes me wonder why they really wanted our phone numbers. Anyway for those who gave in, the rewards are shown below.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I am SO relieved I did NOT cave in and handed over my cellphone number to these thugs. And this is their idea of a "goody bag"? haha... I hope a lot of people are regretting now... I doubt this crappy bag will be worth, what these thugs have in mind with your cellphone number... I would NEVER willingly hand over any personal information to these thugs... how crazy would I have to be to actually HAND over my cellphone number to a company of documented thieves/thugs/bullies/enter adjective here?? Hell no!!!!


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