Dec 1, 2015

Fight, Arena, War, Siege & VIP Loot Updates: December 2015


The monthly round of useless loot that drops from playing Mafia Wars has been updated. We are now on Fight Loot Generation 53. Arena Loot Generation 35, Declare War Tier 53, Family Siege Loot Generation 4 and VIP Loot Generation 45. That's 30 new pieces of loot and not one of them is useful to me. Even if they help you a few points, it won't last long. Zynga got lazy so we see recurring images with stars and icons but we really should ask...Why do they bother??? When Mafia Wars had over 20 million players, a big part of the fun was collecting loot and trading or giving it to those who needed it. Loot wasn't updated very often and when it was, it was a big deal. Now it's just meh. The only I like about these updates is it makes me very happy I cancelled my VIP subscription 6 months ago! All items are shown below.

Fight Loot Generation 53

Arena Loot Generation 35

Declare War Loot Tier 53

Family Siege Loot Generation 4

VIP Loot Generation 45

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