Dec 9, 2015

Extortion Run 5: Felicia's Salon


The 5th Extortion Run is now available. If we aren't begging we aren't playing! The only good news is we Zynga hasn't capped how many items we can craft (yet) and now it's 5 every 18 hours. 

Crafting Items

Mastery Item


  1. LOL - when Zynga reads this, they will be SURE to correct their apparent mistake and cap it at 4 - way to spoil the fun :P (kidding)

  2. Extortion 2 has disappeared from Property Manager. Same item for all three of us in our little gang.

    1. Team Spockholm fixed Property Manager and added the 5th Extortion loot to the set. Nice work.

  3. Well once zynga does cap it, it will be another event that I can ignore.


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