Dec 2, 2015

Extortion Run 5 Coming Soon


Images for the 5th Extortion Run have been added to the servers. There are 2 days left (not counting today) on the timer for the Lingerie Shop. VIP players get 5 extra days but we have seen both these events run at the same time during the extra days. Only 2 of the loot items have been added to the inventory (the bronze and silver Salon Manager) so we still need another loot update to happen before we see it in game.


  1. Health would be nice this time :) 10 Health for 6 Rps

    1. Are you kidding?? That would SUCK, haha... health is about as useful as a wet shoe in this game now - why the heck would you want that?? Are you being serious? Nooo, you have to be kidding... right? You had me for a second there, lol

  2. What's the odd's this round will be called Sally's Salon?


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