Dec 5, 2015

Bundle of Joy 2


Zynga is bringing back the Bundles of Joy. Last year there were 2,000 and I believe they replenished because they sold out. This year it's the same. It's funny how this whole bundle says Merry Christmas without mentioning the word Christmas at all. In a game full of crimes, Zynga likes to keep it politically correct.  A closer look at the loot items can be found here


  1. Haha... yeah, wouldn't want to offend anyone :P I would have bought the CHRISTMAS Tree Vendor, but, there appears to be no such thing... no idea what a HOLIDAY TREE Vendor is - so, not gonna but this politically correctness crap... bring back CHRISTMAS!!! We are celebrating the birth of Christ... why be ashamed of that? And if you're offended by Christmas... you have some serious issues and need to seek help :P

    1. There are others that are not celebrating the birth of Christ. You must be totally ignorant with your head in the sand. geez. People from multiple countries are playing this game and not all December holidays or religious holidays are Christmas. By the way, my reply has nothing to do with Loot Lady comment or the offer from Mafia wars, only your response.

    2. To me, you're the ignorant one... and I am happy I offended you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    3. People from multiple countries play other games like 8 ball pool, but for their special holiday, the Muslim community requested a special "Ramadan" cue which catered to their holiday, but Christians can't have an event called "Merry Christmas"?

    4. Yep...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Stick your pc crap in your ass!!!!!


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