Nov 13, 2015

Zynga Announces Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results


In a conference call with investors on November 3rd, Zynga released the financial results for the 3rd quarter of 2015 [1]. Use the links below for more details. ‘Other Online Games’ (Gray Bar) is the category Mafia Wars falls and is at 20%. This includes all games that aren't FarmVille 2, Farmville 2: Country Escape, Poker, Hit it Rich! Slots, and Wizard of Oz Slots [1]. That adds up to 22 games sharing 20% of the revenue. 20% of $151 million is still good (~30 million) but the company is still losing money and has lost about 27% of the online player base. It's predicted this number will continue to decline. Use the links below for more detailed information about the conference call.


  1. No surprises there. They can add two more to those lost with my two accounts closing as of yesterday due to the on-going issues with access and reliability with the game.

  2. And who would spend money right now on this game with all it's repetition and issues? It shows that people have slowed or quit giving money to Zynga for this crap.
    (it just feels like the game is circling the drain and it's not taking any more of my money with it)

  3. I stopped giving money to Zynga when they stopped providing email or chat customer service assistance to all players as they used to. My motto is "no customer service, no money from me."

  4. I cannot believe games like this kind of still image, no action figures game can attract so much money when the developer of the game just have to reuse the same old coding over and over again with just add in new images and stats to get money from people?!?! The developers can be lazy to just reuse the codes all over again and keep repeating and its boring.

    What about those games in PC and PS consoles like 3D graphics action fighting RPGs Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed, arkham knights, pirates warriors etc, those are the games where developers made very good efforts in making game fun and 3D and online battles and worth the spend on those games than these zynga games and if not spending, u can download those games online for free as well and not spend such money on this crap games like zynga. fortunately I do not spend on zynga at all and I can still conquer most of its events and districts but its time to put a stop on it, gotta spend time on more valuable games like those I've mentioned in PC and PS consoles and family as well.


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