Nov 28, 2015

Urban Assault 14 Mission Walkthrough


The 14 Urban Assault Mission walkthrough is shown below. It kind of sucks needing to farm so many LA consumables when there is a new destination but Japan doesn't have a timer. I'm doing this before I start diving into Japan. Sorry for the late postings but I'm out of town visiting family and there isn't much time to be online. I'm also using a new computer so everything is a struggle at this point.


Mission Stations





















Reward Stations













Los Angeles



  1. You don't HAVE to farm the consumables in can always buy them with RP. HA! I've found a loophole to their scheme!! Waiiiiittttt a minute.....

  2. I, for one, (and I know there are many others), greatly appreciate your continued dedication and seemingly tireless postings of helpful information.

  3. thanks for the walk thru

  4. Thanks very much for the info - all those LA consumables are going to cause me problems but I've resigned myself to maybe only finishing the first two tiers of this one. Given all the events we are being bombarded with, I've had to learn to ignore some and not get too stressed about not finishing others *shrugs*.

  5. Thanks for the hard work.

    This is not worth it. Have used up 3 levels worth of stamina and unable to get 1 ice in London. Either infinite health, way over my level (60k+) on average that I have to fight, or as soon as I get them all the way down a miracle on their part instant new health. Scripts have screwed this game for the average player.


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