Nov 26, 2015

Urban Assault 14 Coming Soon


UPDATE: VIP Players got this today so it will be available to all players tomorrow at 12:00AM PST.

The 14th set of Urban Assault Missions is on the way. Some players love this event and some just skip it. I don't think I'll like having this around at the same time as a new destination but maybe Zynga will put off releasing Japan. We have seen it happen before and it could be weeks. The loot item rewards are shown below. Some of them have broken image links that hopefully Zynga will fix before they release.

Target Rewards
Reward Station (Gold Only)


  1. Seems awfully close to the last UA. Z could spread them out a bit more.

    1. The only consistency with zynga, is inconsistency. They are either all-out manic, or do-nothin' dead. No happy in between or even some predictability, in an attempt to keep players content.

  2. I got down to the bottom, and the gun appeared to kill the boss, but it doesn;t work! Rebooting, clearing cache, etc made no change.

  3. Japan now open, nothing like throwing in everything at once!

  4. London ICES are impossible. People at my level have either infinite health or as soon as I attack, the ices are stolen. The other people are at least 50k higher in level and their health is through the roof. Not 1 person is near a fair fight. Zynga is screwing everything up.


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