Nov 4, 2015

Urban Assault 13 VIP Early Access


The 13th Urban Assault Mission was released to VIP subscribers today. The rest of us will get it at 12am tomorrow. The known consumables you will need to farm at this time are Beer Barrels (Chicago District 5), Gas Cans (Brazil District 1), Heli-shots (LA District 4), Disc Bombs (LA District 7) and Voice Boxes (Mexico District 3). Thanks to Gloria Stevenson for the information.


  1. Add to that list:

    Voice Boxes (Mexico, District 4)

    1. Yeah, of course it's D3 and not D4 :P Saltillo keeps confusing me, as it's on top of the list... although it's actually D11 :P

    2. It took me a long time to get used to not counting that one as District 1. It is confusing and I made quite a few mistakes because of it :)

  2. Beer barrel farming? Welcome to "teh nopes." ;)

    -Justinian Caesar


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