Nov 21, 2015

The Okane Bank


The bank of Japan will be called the Okane Bank. It looks like it may be a little different than all the other copy/paste banks in the game. For the pre-release event we will get Lock Boxes which is a bank part. If you manage to get 650 Honor Kills before the event ends, you will get 4 Lock Boxes. In the previous pre-release events we got currency instead of a bank part. What looks different about the Okane Bank is the Level 0 image. It's locked. Normally the Level 0 bank is just an empty platform so this may require these Lock Boxes to unlock it rather than just mastery of a job (maybe both). The images for levels 1-5 is also identical. Zynga didn't get too creative with the name of this bank as Okane means 'money' in Japan. As previously posted, the currency in Japan will be Yen [1]


Level 0 Image

Level 1-5 Image

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  1. Gone are the days when a bank was simply just a bank, and you could deposit as much as you'd like..


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