Nov 8, 2015

Problems, Problems, Problems....


For those who can't get into the game...they are 'actively' working on it [1].

For those of you who can get into the game...they are 'actively' working on it [1].

For those of you who got rolled the other week [1]...they are 'actively' working on it [1]. With all this activity how do they find the time to program new events? At least there is no need for anybody to contact Support! 


  1. I'm just wondering if you could comment on your previous view about how Fight Carnage 'fixed' the loading issues? (maybe your have and I missed it)
    A lot of us were trying to say it didn't and that things were bound to get worse..
    (OMG what would we do without LootLady to keep us sane and informed!)

    1. At the time Fight Carnage drastically improved the loading issues we were having (the gray screen). Since they have moved to different servers and now we have a whole new batch of loading issues (white screen and partial screen loads). It's Zynga so of course things are going to get worse :) If I had to guess I think they had no choice but to do something about the massive number of server calls that fighting created. I don't think it was to make the game 'smoother', I think they knew the server move was coming and we probably have less space than we did before. They messed with gifting for the same reason. I won't be surprised if feed requests and jobs are next.

    2. I get how Carnage cut back on server calls and things but my grey screens never went away back then but like you say they are now a nice white colour Change is good!

    3. Either way, zynga lied! They said they introduced carnage to improve game performance, but the fact is, they introduced it because they were cutting more server space for the game and hoped that the move to carnage would make their scam less noticeable. Problem is it backfired on them because game performance is worse than it ever was before! When a business lies, it is fraud, and they need to be investigated.

  2. The first link for the loading issues no longer works because, according to Zynga, it's been fixed. I am here to tell you that it hasn't because I am still getting white pages. Yes, I can access it from the various links people post and from but a lot of good that does me when I can't help anyone. If I click on someones link to help with parts and such, I get the white page. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

    I agree with the above people about fight carnage. It has done nothing but cause more problems but of course I am among the few that think this. It's really sad too because so many have left the game because of it, both big and small players.

    This game is really making me sick because I used to love to come online every day and play but now, I can't even help people even if I do get into the game.

  3. My game loading hasn't been an issue, it's slow to load but it eventually does. What is an issue however is the ZMC. Since they effed around with it, I cannot open it - at all. I looked at some of the scripts they are using and I saw two problems. 1. They have a server problem which has been around for a long time and 2. Their Java script and page coding is flawed. I'm no professional by any means but in Chrome, if you right click on the ZMC, you'll see all of the coding errors. If I had to guess, I think they took the server down and they are working on it because I check every day and get different errors every time. That's my 2 cents.


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