Nov 23, 2015

Overlords 11


The 11th Overlords Boss Fight Event is now available and is stamina based. The Boss Fighter II has been updated. To prevent wasting ammo items, use the Combo Breaker instead of copying combos discovered by other players. Use the links below if you don't know what to do. The rewards can be found here.


  1. Why didn't they keep them energy based? I found I was spending far less energy than I was when they are stamina based, and while attacking, health barely moved so you didn't have to sit and wait time and time to be able to heal before attacking again.

    1. I think you answered your own question :) Zynga doesn't like to make things easier and more fun for the players.

    2. LOL! Yeah, exactly... if something works to our advantage and actually makes things just a little bit easier on us... rest assured it WILL be changed back to something totally opposite of that ;) That's how Zynga operates - if you hate someone... never let them feel otherwise! And without a doubt, Zynga hates every single one of us - but hey, I would too if I ruined their game :P

  2. rror6 while attacking: TypeError: Cannot read property 'comboDamage' of undefined while running CCC

  3. And I like the stamina based ones for my account and for the same reasons. I guess it all depends on how your account is built. I don't mind that they alternate.
    The Fire Furies don't like to drop from fighting in any city or in the arena.

  4. Press two buttons and the game freezes. yup, going through this. Then when I get back to the fight it doesn't realize the two consumables I used. Yeah, overlords this time is worse than before.


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