Nov 5, 2015

Overlords 10: Might And Malice


The 10th Overlords Boss Fight Event is now available and has an update. Attacking bosses now requires energy instead of stamina. We always knew that Zynga loves their energy players! Those low on energy may have difficulties if they can't serial level. The Boss Fighter II and the Combo Breaker still work as before. Use the links below if you don't know what to do. The in game instructions and reward items are shown below.

Walkthrough|FAQ|Healing|Combo Breaker



+10 Health

+6 Energy

 +6 Defense

 +6 Stamina

 +6 Attack

Ammo Items





  1. Sucks already. I have less energy than stamina, yet each hit costs 30% more and only does half the damage of the stamina version of this event.

  2. well i didnt have to use any energy and i had over 300 of each consumable left when done so for me it was brilliant i also have a lot less energy so assumed maybe the boss health was less because of it i did use yellow combo as always x


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