Nov 29, 2015

Japan District 1: Rise Of Tatsuya


The basics for Japan District 1 are shown below. I will make a follow up post on how gaining Favor and the Syndicate Jobs work but the statistical information about them is below.  There will also be more about the changes to the City Store and Collections and a review of the achievements. Those will come when I have more time.





Syndicate Job (Ruby)

Jobs Mastery Clicks
Dirty Magazine
1 8% 13 1.754 1.842 1.900 1.937
2 7% 15 1.765 1.853 1.912 1.948 +
3 8% 13 1.797 1.887 1.946 1.984
4 6% 17 1.824 1.915 1.976 2.014 68
5 7% 15 1.894 1.989 2.052 2.092 +
6 5% 20 1.939 2.036 2.101 2.141 80
7 7% 15 1.966 2.064 2.130 2.171
8 6% 17 1.999 2.099 2.166 2.207 68
9 6% 17 2.068 2.171 2.240 2.283 68
Syn Job

20% 5 ✔*100 2.089 5 +5  SP ✔*2 ✔*2 10/10
15%7✔*1002.1997+10 SP✔*2✔*214/14
10%10✔*1002.25110+15 SP✔*2✔*220/20
7%15✔*1002.30415+20 SP✔*2✔*230/30
*Acquiring Thug Favors and Syndicate Jobs have the option of using Yen OR Consumables. If only consumables are used and no bonuses, it will require 185 of each to gain the 37 Thug Favors needed and 74 of each to master each Syndicate job. 136 Dirty Magazines and 148 Hand Wraps are needed to do the regular jobs. Using Crew, Help and Boosts will greatly reduce this number.

Zynga got lazy with another major loot image sharing scheme. Now the City Store loot items from a given district share images with the job loot items from a different district. They have icons so you won't get them mixed up. 

City Store Items

Instead of needing 5 different City Store items, the districts of Japan only require 3. This isn't good news because we just need more of each. The items for District 1 are Weapons, Armor and Animals. The number required of items (and the cost) to ruby master District 1 is shown in the images. Assuming you have the discount for City Store discounts (Brazil mastery item) the total cost for job equipment in District 1 is 9,072 Yen. 

Job Loot Drop Items

As usual, loot that drops from doing jobs isn't useful. 


Favor  Consumable 

Mastery: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% Increase in Loot Drops


  1. Thanks for getting the time to make this write-up.
    Since my last comments, I think I have collected way more consumables than needed except for the car,Thug Favor. Not sure if I'm doing it right.
    Do you get one every time you click to 'Gain Favor'? If so, thats what I was missing the last few days.
    No big deal, but going forward, will there be more details?
    Again, thanks for putting in the time & effort to help us.......

    1. You have to play each of the required Consumables AND pay a hefty Energy to complete each one. I highly recommend you get all your Consumables & Yen First BEFORE finishing off the other jobs at least 1000 of each consumables, as the game will Penalizes you later.

  2. Where does Thug's Favor loot drop from?

  3. I started all over again on MW. They require you to do part of Chicago over New York and by the time your done you have 73 Free Credits to play with (Nice For Daddy). If you start new on JAPAN, Get at least 700 Consumables Each at 3 Yen a piece, You can't go wrong there and you level up much quicker also. Also looking for More Mafia - William Monson


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