Nov 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Promotions


Cyber Monday brings us 2 Marketplace Promotions. Cyber Monday Surf is a regular Marketplace Promotion. Cyber Monday Buyout is a piece of work! This one requires you to purchase reward points to earn Buyout Points. Each of the 5 items costs 380 Buyout Points on the Emerald Level. In order to get to the 2nd item you need to have an Emerald item of the previous one. You only get 20 Buyout Points per 1,000 reward points. In order to get 380 you will need to purchase 19,000 reward points. To earn all 5 Emerald items, you need to purchase 95,000 reward points. If you want to fully master Cyber Monday Buyout one would need to spend $9,500.00. The good news is you repeat it up to 5 times so that will cost a cool $47,500.00. If anyone wonders why Mafia Wars is still here it's because there must be players who spend this kind of money and don't care that Mafia Wars hardly ever works.


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