Nov 19, 2015

Challenge Mission: Chicago (version 3)


The 29th Challenge Mission is now available and the location is Chicago (for the 3rd time!). They might as well throw one of these in with all the events since we are gathering crap for the Japan Pre-Release event.  If you need more details on how Challenge Missions work, use the link below to an older copy/paste version. For a better look at the loot rewards, use the other link.


  1. Would be good to post how many consumables are needed for the last Chapter. Anyone?

    1. Sure that would be great. If someone wants to spend a ton of reward points because they will be stuck on red trying to get this info. They can do all clicks on red, write down how many are needed for green and yellow and make a post. I used to do this but nothing has changed in over 2 years. You need about 1,200 total to finish if you stay on green and yellow. For the last chapter it's around 600.


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