Nov 1, 2015

Blood Reign Round 1: Vampires Win


The 1st of 3 rounds of the Blood Reign event has expired. Players who were Vampires got a bronze level Cloak of the Damned. Players who were Hunters got jack shit. I was a Vampire until there were about 30 minutes left. I wasn't fighting, I made sure my health was below 20 but suddenly I became a Hunter. Some players reported icing themselves with a Vampire account to become Vampires to get the loot. I was going to do this but all the accounts I had access to were also Hunters. According to the game, 84% of players were Vampires at the end. I would mind missing out if there was a strategy to this event but it seemed completely random. Random is only cool when you are on the winning side! Oh well maybe Round 2 will be different! Thanks to Edward and Jo for the popup image.


  1. I thought it would be the other way around. I must have been a hunter because I got nothing

  2. Surprisingly I seem to have got a loot. Usually my account can be classed as damned where 'chance' events are concerned. Whatever happened to the days when mafia wars was all about earning things by completing tasks to get the reward? Isn't that what the real mafia is all about too? You do the job, you get the reward? You try to get something for doing nothing and you're dead before dawn?

    1. "Whatever happened to the days when mafia wars was all about earning things by completing tasks to get the reward"

      LOL - okay, so we get ONE event that requires NOTHING from us and in addition to that, an EXTREMELY poor version of the Cartel Clash - and all of the sudden, the days where tasks need to be completed to earn a reward are gone??? Are you for real, haha?? Dude, completing tasks are ALL we do - the same 10 BORING copy/paste events, that run an endless loop.

      Maybe if you tried turning OFF your Demon once in a while, you would perhaps notice that... although, considering your rather ignorant statement, I seriously doubt it, lol... good luck on whatever :)

  3. I was a vampire. Never did anything yesterday. My account is in park mode and I came out good in this event.

  4. I was a vampire so got the freebie. I did absolutely nothing to achieve this status, I was hitting the arena all day long to finish yet anther event. Seems like complete luck which side you will be on at the end. *shrugs* at least its an event where we don't need to actually do anything :D


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