Nov 26, 2015

Ascendance Final Image


If you collected the maximum number of Honor Kills and Crew-Miums than you will ruby master the event and the final image will be revealed. Nothing else will happen and all you need to do is wait for Japan to be released to get your rewards. We don't know how long the pre-release event will last. It's been different with all the previous destinations. Sometimes it's right at 7 day and sometimes it takes a lot longer. Once loot items for Japan appear in the inventory than it will be safe to say very soon. Over a week ago we posted that the next destination was going to be Japan [1]. Today it's official as Zynga got around to telling us old new [1].


Rise to the top with Blood and Honor.
Are you ready to step into the shoes of a young Yakuza soldier and rise to become the Boss of all Bosses?


  1. "The boss of all bosses"? did it will bring back the boss fight mexico style (or maybe italy/vegas style so will could have fun)?

    1. The boss of all bosses is nothing more than marketing. It means nothing. When Cuba was released they advertised it as being the biggest expansion to Mafia Wars ever. It was true but only because it was the first new destination and anything previously released was nothing compared to it as it they where all small things like gifting, wish lists and job mastery levels. LA was something about this time they want to take it all away from you. They being the HEX people or whatever I don't know as I didn't really bother with LA that much it was a shit destination anyway. All they want to do is get people excited for what ever crap they have in store for us this time.

  2. Most likely they will do what LA is, probably better loot.....It's all do higher levels needs a quicker way to level-up.

  3. how anoying is this anyclicks and you get a japan pop up sick of this crap


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