Nov 13, 2015

3 New Family Perks Added


3 new levels of Family Progression were added to the Family Module. Now we have 3 new Perks and like the others they aren't very useful. This shouldn't be a surprise but Zynga took way to long! 7 months ago, there was a survey and most who commented didn't want to see more levels [1]. It took the {ASS} Family 3 years and 8 months to get to Level 15 and at the time we were full [1]. It took 7 months to get to Level 14 to Level 15. With more options to get Family Experience, it shouldn't take as long for a full family but we are still looking at years to get to Level 18. With the dramatically reduced player base, it's almost impossible to have a full family there days. Families who were at Level 15 don't get any of the Family Experience they earned in the past 7 months and are starting at 0% of Level 15. This was a really stupid move by Zynga, The game doesn't even work and they are dangling a carrot over players that believe the game will still be here in the next 5 years.


  1. Hahaha... poor Zynag *pads Zynga employees gently on the shoulder and smiles* You just cant get mad at these people anymore... when it passes beyond sad... all you can really do is smile and pad epopel on the shoulders, haha.

    I would be much more interested in seeing updates to a lot the personal achievements. Like for the arena, fights etc. and maybe more tiers for some of the destinations like Chicago and/or Brazil (including more achievements) Adding more achievements would at least give us something to strive for again. Without having a goal - it just seems pointless - but I guess if they DID do this, it would make the game somewhat fun again for a short while - and making things fun isn't what Zynga does :P

  2. LOL... I like the first perk :P "The Family Godfather can chose to skip any one task in each Family Business event for free" I see spelling isn't one of Zyngas strong suits either :P It's "choose" NOT "chose" Zyngtards - if you take the time to release worthless crap like this, at least spell it correctly :P

  3. Could it get worse? Yes,it can!!
    And Zynga is the champion of not listening to players,fixing things or make something "new" and exiting!
    I give it another 6 months before i realy stop playing this "game".
    It is so weird that other company's never have so huge errors,loading issues or other problems!!


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