Oct 15, 2015

VIP Loyalty Reward


About 3 weeks ago Zynga made us an offer they hoped we couldn't refuse [1]. If you were subscribed to the VIP Membership Program yesterday than you will get a loot item and +30 skill points today. I almost signed back up because the loading issues had started to get better but then they went to crap again. Zynga changed servers the other day so time will only tell if the problems are gone. If they are fixed and Zynga stops the recycling of worn out events, I may reconsider when the next offer comes out. If Zynga wants more players to sign back up than they will remove the rule that you start back at the bronze level. Having to wait for these special offers come back at the tier you left off only prolongs the decision making process of the consumer and during this time many could realize that they aren't missing out by not being a VIP. The crappy loot refreshes and extra labor intensive events actually made me glad I dropped it 4 months ago. Thanks to Jan With Sorensen for the screen shot.

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