Oct 14, 2015

VIP Limited Time Mission Walkthrough: The HoneyTrap


The HoneyTrap VIP Limited Time Mission was released 6 days ago. This might help the VIP subscribers who aren't finished yet or help them decided not to do it. It also helps non-VIP players because looking through the tasks and jobs makes one glad they aren't VIPs. It doesn't look fun, especially the job in Part 10!  This one is more difficult than the last. There are 9 jobs and 5 of them require consumables.  Thanks again to Jan With Sørensen for posting and sending me his images as he progressed and also to Gloria Stevenson for posting a few on our fan page. The Missions, rewards and jobs are shown below. A closer look at the loot rewards can be found here.

Part 1
 Part 2
 Part 3
 Part 4
 Part 5
 Part 6
 Part 7
 Part 8
 Part 9
 Part 10
 Part 11

Job List

Part 1: Chicago District 2
Part 2: Mexico District 5 (loot drop)
Part 3: Los Angeles District 7 (loot drop)
Part 4: London District 2 (consumable required)
Part 5: No Job

Part 6: Los Angeles District 4 (loot drop & currency required)
Part 7: Mexico District 6 (consumable required)
Part 8: No Job

Part 9: Brazil District 6 (consumable required)
Part 10: Los Angeles District 7 (loot drop & consumable required)
Part 11: Mexico District 9 (consumable required)

Consumable List

Farm in London District 2
Farm in Mexico District 6
Farm in Brazil District 1
Farm in Los Angeles District 7
Farm in Mexico District 9

1 comment:

  1. I will finish part 9 tomorrow, the most annoying was waiting time for building/collect from properties. Part 10 should not be a big problem since I have - for what reason ever - enough consumables. Part 11 will be the hardest for me because I have zero Mexico consumables.


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