Oct 20, 2015

Slaughter Season 19 Coming Soon


The 19th Slaughter Season is on the way. The last event saw a reduced requirement in Pennants so we won't really know how many Pennants are required for this one. There appears to be a update coming as well. In addition to the bronze - emerald mastery items, there is also a VIP mastery item. The loot items are shown below.

VIP Item 


  1. With all the loading problems, I already need to give up doing well with the pennant collecting.

  2. Great now I have to resubscribe..

  3. 10.000 pennants 352/435 item Vip level :o

  4. Am I the only who is beginning to feel like the VIP plan is a Punishment plan, rather than a benefit plan?? lol. The extra work load, that comes with being VIP, does NOT make up for the sorry excuse for rewards we get, haha... geez!! Zynga needs a reality check and a dictionary to find out what the word benefit REALLY means :P


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