Oct 11, 2015

Siege League Season 1 Countdown Timer


There are 5 days left of the first season of the the Siege League feature. If you want to beat Jo Gilliam and her 2 armies of mini families of 1(FoxFire and Fox~Fire), you probably don't have enough time. Hopefully Zynga can tweak the scoring system of this feature so that larger families who want to compete will be able to. The Top 5 families in the Nuclear League will receive a loot reward and +50 skill points. Everyone else will get nothing. We can assume Season 2 will begin soon as the loot reward was added to the inventory a few days ago [1]. The timer for the 1st season can be found on the leaderboard.


  1. Of all the dumb 'events' that Zynga has come up with, this one might take the cake as the dumbest! what a pointless event!

  2. This serves no purpose in the game, except as an easy leveling for stamina use.

  3. First round is a learning experience. Second round will be interesting.


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