Oct 29, 2015

Return of the Family Boss Fight Bug


It's back...the Family Boss Fight bug was fixed for many but now it seems to have returned [1]. Ours was working for a while but today it's just like it was before. Family member participation isn't registering so you can't pass around boosts. 


  1. our family not able to collect reward for finishing .. still says wait few minutes til they calculate

  2. Why don't they just pull the plug on this game already? Instead of people having some great memories of this once AWESOME game, we will end up HATING it for centuries to come. This game is DEAD and Zynga doesn't have the brains, passion or creativity to make this game great again. For our sake, they should kill it... while we still have a small chance of remembering how great this game once was... instead of THIS being the only memory we have of the game... loading issues, game bugs and a company that set the world record ten times over for NOT caring about shit!

    Shut the game down today, Zynga... PLEASE!!


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