Oct 23, 2015

Missing Extortion Run Scrolling Arrows & Workaround


Quite a few players have reported that the arrows used for scrolling through Extortion Run items were missing. In Extortion Run and Limited Time Properties it never made sense to me why the highest items were buried in the back. Since most players build the highest items it would be more practical and user friendly if the Level 15 items were first and you needed to scroll to get to the lower levels. Zynga doesn't think like the players so they are in the back. This becomes problematic if the scrolling arrows magically disappear as they have for some accounts (most likely due to scripts). Thankfully Adam Churchill has a workaround for those with this issue. If Zynga would reverse things, it wouldn't be that big of a deal!


  1. I am glad this is finally being addressed. I made several comments about this back in May, but nobody ever replied. This comment was from the "Extortion Run: Half Way Point" article from May 22:

    >Tommy Doaks - May 24, 2015 at 9:23 PM
    >Same here, but I'm on level 12 w/ 29/95 Rough Ups.
    >I can build rewards for levels 1-10, but can't see any rewards higher than 10. I don't see any arrows or >scroll bars to view more items either.
    >Am I missing something or does anybody have any advice or a solution?

    I also posted this question on various help pages, still no replies & nobody even had any idea what I was talking about.
    I finally figured out this work-around explained here weeks ago, so I was only able to build level 10 items for the last few months until I discovered this by accident.
    Glad it was finally figured out, but too bad no-one took my comments seriously.....

    1. I'm sorry, 'bugs' where I only see one comment (or I miss) and I can't reproduce don't get addressed. If they did I would be at this 24/7. Adams post explained it well so I posted it. Eike proved it was caused by a script so this is something that isn't even Zyngas fault and something they can't fix even if they wanted to.

    2. I really appreciate all the help you do publish here, as I come to this site at least 4-5 times a week looking for assistance, walk-thrus & links to daily freebies.

      I realize you don't have time to look into every issue this game has, since there are so many. In the last couple weeks, your posts are reporting mostly Zynga-created game problems. (+ daily freebies)
      Please don't take it wrong, as I am glad somebody figured out the Extortion problem. As I said, I discovered the work-around by accident, but there was nobody to tell, as no one else had really said anything.

      Thanks again for all the help you do offer to us players. I'm sure it does take alot of your personal time & there are 1000s of players that read your info without thanking you...

    3. Hi, I didn't take your comment wrong at all and I was apologizing for missing your posts about it :) I feel like I should change my name to the Mafia Wars Bug Lady since nobody cares about loot anymore!

  2. Zynga and userfriendly- hmmm 2 words that never ever come together!
    Look at all those silly movements when clicking= all this mouse movement are not necessary.
    Look at those million clicks you need to finish your energy as some city don't open since LA is there "seems like you have another browser with MW open" (something like this). No- there's not
    Look at those silly 3 sec rules in new figth modus- why? To keep us playing and watch the adds at the side bar? And you can't reclick immediately?
    Why no "fight to the end and spend all the needed stamina" button?
    Why no "kill him as much as possible" button in Turfs and Boss Fights? Sometimes you have a multiple attack button, but you have to switch it off inbetween to maximize the effort as it's 40% of max stam.
    All those spinning wheels and urls not accessible shit...

    We would only need 1/3 of the time if Zynga would programm MW usefriendly. They don't want this but they want us to spend really money for this...logical (another word that won't match ;-)


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