Oct 17, 2015

Loading Issues: Old Problem New Style


It wouldn't be Mafia Wars as we know it if there wasn't some type of loading problem. Zynga finally got rid of the gray screen but in it's place is a white screen. Today we are being plagued with this beauty. If you manage to get in and want to participate in a Siege, good luck with that! If you can play you may find the buttons stop working, the game refreshes itself or you get a session time out or processing error. This is even worse than before the server change. Zynga needs to just let this thing die if they can't fix it. At the very least they need to stop pushing all these events until they can figure it out.


  1. Yes what's new....
    Took me 30 minutes this morning CET time to get in this morning, usually what I do manual is give and take around 10 minutes this morning over 1 hour, good was I had made some extra coffee.......
    I'm playing MW since it was introduced on FB, never been a VIP, thought about it a few times, but with all the issues and glitches popping up all the time, and Zynga's responses to them, I decided against it.
    I worked in ICT, worked in sales, promotion and now communication......I'm sorry but Zynga is a example of how NOT to do run a business....bad to no communication, Ignoring feedback from clients/players, kind of sad as done the right way they have gold in their hands.....
    I don't think the new Zynga way concentrate on mobile devices will be a great success...time to restructure the management team at Zynga!

  2. I said earlier on one of the carnage posts that this would happen. They lied about fighting causing the problems and last week's maintenance was to reduce server space even more. This is likely why they introduced carnage, to make their scam to take away even more from MW less noticeable. As for the forced game refreshes, that too will reduce server calls because unless you have a script that will prevent those refreshes, or reload as soon as the game does, all your scripts will stop working until you start them again. This provides relief for their servers because less people will be able to play 24-7, unless they are prepared to stay awake and constantly watch the game to make sure their scripts keep running.

    When are people going to start realizing that they are screwing over paying players and start fighting them back as a unified force? We have a right to demand quality gaming. It is what people are paying for.

  3. Idiots a plenty at Zynga.They mess and mess and screw mw up more and more as it is their destiny. i heard their cost cutting measures have required them to fire the old developers and then rehire all the zynga chat chimps they fired a while back as developers at $2.11 an hour. Whatever the case, this calls for wiping all the zynga developers and their entire family tree for humanity and reason cannot allow these strains to remain corrupting any sense of sanity

  4. This was one of those mornings where I found myself wondering, "just why do I play this game?" Very slow response to clicks and every few clicks it would just stop working. It would just start ignoring the clicks, with no spinning bullets or anything. Not a new problem, of course, but what was new is that it would happen over and over again. Gave up.

  5. Game craps out on its own frequently and takes several tries to get back in due to Not Found errors. Not Found errors also popping up during game play, collecting free stuff and Daily Takes for example Took an hour to "make" items from City Properties today because the game kept stalling (LA Production House, Mexico Pasaporte Office, etc.) This is noticeably worse than before the server change. Don't know that I'll want to continue playing if this doesn't get better.

  6. I am getting all the errors you mention and frequently. Along with that frustration those stupid Purple Beetles don't seem to be dropping from the Arena for our family. This is absolutely the very WORST that loading MW has ever been. I suspect that MW is now on a server so slow and remote that this is no surprise. Yay Fight Carnage for fixing the loading issues!
    I also wonder if this is a precursor to its eventual death. The server errors make me want to walk away today.

    1. I walked away this summer because of loading issues. I still check this blog occasionally, waiting for things to get better.

  7. Thankfully we have Loot Lady's site to let us know we are not alone and it's not our computer's fault or our internet's fault etc.

  8. I am thinking of quitting the game anyways. I had several issues since Zynga's shutdown so this may be it. Why bother when Zynga doesn't care.

  9. I needed this time to finish stuff in mafia wars :( now I cannot get on it


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