Oct 28, 2015

Family Siege Loot: Generation 3


The loot rewards for the Family Siege feature have been updated. They are a combination of the latest Declare War and Arena loot with the addition of Emerald star items (shown below). VIP subscribers also have 2 exclusive items. The items are shown below and like all the other loot added to the inventory today they are useless. Zynga made a mistake and slapped a bronze star on the Riverine Rabbit. It should be a emerald star. We already have a bronze starred Riverine Rabbit labeled 'Fighting' with stats of 283/198 [1]. The bronze starred Riverine Rabbit labeled 'Siege' has stats of 257/297. The 1st 2 generations of Family Siege loot had 3 emerald starred items [1]. It doesn't really matter because none of it is useful and Zynga has no business putting emerald stars on any of this crap.

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