Oct 10, 2015

Extortion Run 4: Sylvie's Smoke Shop


The 4th version of the Extortion Run is Sylvie's Smoke Shop and is now available. This feature is just a complicated version of a Limited Time Property but it requires more parts to upgrade and you get less for each beg.  Like Limited Time Properties, there are 15 levels and you get the parts needed to upgrade by begging for them. As you level, you can build 1 loot item every 18 hours. Unlike Limited Time Properties, we can ask for stuff every 3 hours instead of 8 but you can only get 6 items instead of 12. You will need to acquire a total of 679 Rough Ups to get to Level 15. More details are shown below.

The help mark on the banner and Extortion Run page shows the instructions.
You need a total of 679 Rough Ups to fully master Sylvie's Smoke Shop. The number you need for each level is shown below.

level1 X1 level2 X3 level3 X5
level4 X10 level5 X15 level6 X20
level7 X30 level8 X35 level9 X40
level10 X45 level11 X65 level12 X80
level13 X95 level14 X110 level15 X125

The items that you can build for Levels 1-15 are shown below. Items for Levels 7-10 come with +1 attack, for Levels 11-14 come with +2 energy points and the item for Level 15 comes with +3 defense. A closer look at the items can be found here.

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  1. I actually like these better as my mafia friends rarely click on my Limited Property requests but, since they get something by clicking on the Extortion requests, I have more luck with these.


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