Oct 1, 2015

Elite Black VIP Benefits


If you've been subscribed to the VIP Membership Program since the beginning, the Elite Black benefits will kick in as soon as you pay your bill. The Elite Harbingers and Elite Black Power Card have been added to the inventory and are shown below. October 5th will be the soonest the benefits showing up for accounts unless Zynga starts them early.

Elite Harbingers
 Elite Black Power Card


  1. I'd like to point out a couple of firsts here.

    First loot items to reach 1K stats. Not just one way but both actually.Elite Harbinger Of Supremacy. 1,034 each way.

    Secondly 2 people on the Mafia Tornado def leaderboard have had a 980,000+ loot def score for a while now. Add another 20,000 to this from the elite black bonus not even including the increase they'll get from having all there Harbingers increased this will probably defo get the first people pushed over a million def without a fight frenzy or stat increase VIP bonus activated. I'm guessing they'll be going into elite black anyway they are the big spenders of the game if anyone's going to have stayed subscribed since day one it'll be these guys. Probably have there loot attack pushed passed a million wit this as well.

    Neither of these things are a big deal but I think they are rather big milestones. Ones I doubt anyone ever thought the game would be around long enough to ever see through.

  2. As for me, I am a collector of loot, trying to get one of each and two of every animal (free of course).
    I have realized that when it boils down to, is the personal strengths and not the 501 strength that makes the real differences. The only advantage (to me as I see it), is the reward points. 200 reward points for $25.00 is a good deal, but when you add the extra 75 reward points for each renewal that totals to 275 reward points for $25.00 is better than the 50% deal that they offer once in a while.

    1. Well it's good you have reason to stay subscribed long down the line as I don't think this membership scam will be updated again now. They aint added any new tiers on and the last tier rather than a new harbinger it was upgrading all previous ones. Sounds very final to me.

  3. I received mine tonight--I do not understand the black power card but I am certain that an explanation will follow--thank you for your blog--

    I do appreciate it


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