Oct 6, 2015

Daily Fix Generation 27: Winged Timekeeper


The Daily Fix loot has been updated. winged Timekeepers have replaced Day Spheres and it really doesn't matter because both items suck. Diamond VIP subscribers will get 30 items per day and non-subscribers will get 15 assuming you are on the ruby level of the feature.


  1. Now Day Spheres suck. A month ago they were useful and therefore cool: http://www.mafiawarslootlady.com/2015/09/daily-fix-generation-26-day-spheres.html

    Okay these items don’t help you now (neither me).
    But: According to the Tornado website the mafia defence of the player ranked #20,000 is a little above 750k. I reckon this player will benefit from the update. Assuming we still have 80,000 DAU there would be at least 60,000 players who would not say that these items suck. This math may not be perfect but I hope you can see my point ;)

    1. You probably just did the math for the # of mini accounts in the game :) Most mini/kami account owners don't really care what loot these accounts have so they wouldn't anything.

    2. Your calculation matches the three of us in the LoL Gang, and we each will get +2 for each of these. For a few days, anyway.


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