Oct 31, 2015

Blood Reign FAQ: You Are What You Are!


UPDATE: I'm a Vampire now! Lets hope the curse doesn't wane!
Zynga posted the FAQ for the Blood Reign event [1]. The main question of 'what is the point?' isn't answered and many are learning that you are what you are. I was a Hunter then I was a Vampire and now I'm a Hunter again. I would assume that players of the opposite 'faction' iced me but there is one statement in the instructions and FAQ that tells me it doesn't matter and there is no strategy that a individual or group can follow. Basically Zynga will decide who wins each round. If you are interested in only icing players of the opposite faction there is a setting in the filter area of the Assassin-a-Nator [1] . Right now I can only hope (and find it hard to believe it hasn't happened) that just 1 of the 72% Vampires will ice me so I can be one too! A reprint of the FAQ is shown below.

Blood Reign - FAQ

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Q: What is Blood Reign?
A: Blood Reign is a 7 day long Fight event in which all fighters are split into two Factions, Hunters or Vampires. Each Faction is trying to convert Fighters from the other Faction into their own by Icing them.

Q: How do I participate?
A: All Fighters belong to one of two Factions in Blood Reign, Hunters or Vampires. You can Ice opponents in Fights in order to convert them to your Faction.

Vampires and Elder Vampires are trying to Curse Hunters by Icing them and turning them into Vampires. Hunters are trying to Cleanse Vampires by Icing them and converting them into Hunters.

Q:  How is it determined whether I will be a Vampire or a Hunter?
A:  A small section of players will be randomly chosen as Elder Vampires, all other players begin as Hunters. You can see your current Faction on the Event Banner on the Home Page, and by the icon next to your name on the Fight Page.

Q: What are Elder Vampires?
A: Elder Vampires are Vampires who cannot be converted into Hunters even if they are Iced. There are only a few selected players who are Elder Vampires.

Q: I was a Vampire, but I’m now a Hunter. Why?
A: There are three ways in which your Faction can change: if a player of the other Faction has Iced you, then you are converted to their Faction; alternatively, during the course of a Round, the Curse can intensify or wane, causing some Fighters to switch Factions; finally, after a Round had ended all players, except Elder Vampires, are converted back into Hunters for the next Round.

Q. I Iced a Vampire/Hunter and they did not get converted. Why?
A: If you Ice a Fighter of your own Faction, they stay in your Faction. Additionally, Elder Vampires do not get converted even if Iced.

Q: How do I win a Round?
A: At the end of each Round, Vampires have to be above the Threshold in the Curse Meter to win the Round. If Hunters prevent the Vampires from reaching this Threshold at the end of the Round then Hunters win the Round.

Q: Where can I see the Vampire’s Threshold?
A: The Threshold is marked on the Curse Meter:

The Curse Meter is shown on the Home Page and at the top of the Fight Page.

Q: How long does a Round last and what are the Rewards?
A: Below is the duration of rounds and rewards:



  1. This is so pointless because at any given time, you can become a vampire or a hunter.. they should've just brought back the old humans vs werewolves where you just got points for icing the opposite faction and received loot..

    1. Or better yet - NEVER released it :P lol. Zynga hasn't released anything new and exciting in over 6 years - it's always old wine on new bottles.

      And it will be VERY fun to watch how many of us will be automatically converted to Hunters in the dying seconds of this first FAIL round, lol. As of now, 82% are Vampires. The odds of actually being iced by a Hunter are very small at this point... so Zynga will no doubt be working their cheating magic soon :P

  2. LOL This "vampire" looks just like Jan Valek...

  3. Its basically completely random which group we end up in - there is nothing one can really do to choose which group they finish in. I have no idea who won either, think this event is one for the "ignore" list :D

  4. You don't even have to pay any attention to this event. It has no strategy . It's pointless . I got one of those cloaks though and I have no idea what side I was on or anything else.

  5. And i am an Elder Vampire!
    I just stay that way the whole event!
    Dont know how they found me for beiing an Elder!

  6. Sorry to all the Buffy fans, but the bloodsuckers are going to sweep this event. It is highly unlikely you will be "healed" to Human/Hunter in the last moments of the current event, you may as well give in to the Dark Side. We have cookies.... And -- you get to be Immortal and suffer from the terminal angst of being Doomed....

    So set your preferred icing machine to target Hunters only. It is mathematically inevitable that the V faction will win. As time passes, you will see the V faction will have an overwhelming majority each round.

  7. Finding out which faction won is fairly routine. Go to the Help "?" on the event crawl on the Home Page. Click the reward for the round you are interested in. If you have the Bronze V reward, indicated by a quantity of "1", then you were in the winning faction (V). If not, then better luck next time. Same for the remaining rewards.

  8. Contrary to the analysis above, there *is* a strategy groups or an individual can take to increase the odds of winning a reward. It has been obvious the past three days that the progression of the V faction is consistent and relentless. This is likely because of the "seed" of Elder Vampires at the beginning. The spread of the V faction continues to develop. There is no waxing and waning of the relative numbers on each side. The strategy portion is simple: Ice Hunters/Humans all the time. Regardless of your faction, the more the Hunter population is attacked, the more likely they are to be iced by a V faction, increasing the V population and the likelihood of a V faction win. If you have several minis, reserve several that are V faction at the ending moments of the event session. White list your H members, take their health down to near 20 and then use your kamis to convert your main and other minis on the wrong side. It is not 1005 guaranteed, however, you are looking at at least a 90+ percent chance being on the right side at the end.

    Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour....


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