Oct 28, 2015

Arena Rampage 6: Carving Collection


Another Arena/Stamina Sucking Event is now available. This is the 6th Arena Rampage and it's Halloween themed. Arena Rampage events are like Missions but the tasks are all Arena related. There are 5 tiers with 7 tasks and you have 7 days to complete them (8 if you make it to the Emerald level). To see the requirements for all levels, go here. The requirements are based on several known and unknown variables and aren’t the same for all accounts. There isn’t a new FAQ but the old one can be found here. A mastery loot item and up to +60 skill points can be earned for your efforts. The loot items and instructions are shown below.


  1. Any tips for the annoying "First Blood" task?

  2. Zynga ought to rename this event "Cheaters Delight" :P Damn, this one ain't easy, when you're playing fair (to my fellow script abusers, "playing fair" means: playing WITHOUT scripts - something you guys don't know how to do)


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